1. Romanian Rescue Dog
    Scrappy Doo
  2. Spanish Rescue Dog
  3. Tripaw Rescue Dog
  4. Dog Wheelchair
    Spooky Boo
  5. Tania Morris with Rescue Dogs
    The wife!
  6. Eddy Morris caring for rescue dog Spooky

Meet the family

We've been dog owners for over 30 years, owning and walking the good, the naughty (there's never a bad) and the ugly (ok, so actually very cute).  In fact as time goes on, we've looked to rescue dogs that have specific issues or might be classed as 'difficult'.  We get an enormous satisfaction in building trust with dogs and encouraging them forward.   Dog rescue and animal welfare now forms a huge part of mine and Tania's lives and we were delighted to have fostered for Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue.
Our latest rescue is Sally and we are currently undergoing a nationwide appeal to help us build a set of prosthetic legs to assist her walking.  She was a severe cruelty case from Tunisia having been shot in both legs and head and also receiving factures to both front legs.  Please see below for details of our appeal - we need all the help we can get.

Highlights have been teaching sign language to my deaf rescue Spooky Boo and now rehabilitating her with my wife Tania, to walk again following a fall and a severe spinal injury.  Also finally getting Ozzy to come out from under the bed (he was there for 3 months popping out when no-one was looking) to becoming a fun loving dog with a huge personality.
As well as 'on the ground' dog experience, I've attended many dog courses, covering dog first aid, behaviour and lectures on latest techiques and ideas.  I am now studying my Dog Behaviour Diploma.  As I have a background in the 'human' care profession (where I dealt with the elderly and those with challenging behaviours), this has helped me to adjust my thinking to our four legged friends.

Tania is a former manager of a dog rescue charity and currently a  homechecker acting on behalf of several dog rescue charities.  She provides advice for first time adopters on behaviour (especially the initial settling in period) and has a particular interest in street dogs.  She is also a photographer and offers pro bona photography services for dog rescue charities to assist dog adoption in the Worcester area.  She is also a fundraiser for animal rescue organisations, raising over £4,000 in the last two years. 

If you are a local Dog Rescue Charity based in Worcestershire please get in touch if we can help photograph your dogs for adoption, on a pro bono basis, subject to availability.

Prosthetics for Sally Appeal

Please join us!

Sally was shot on the streets in Tunisia, sustaining horrific injuries to her front legs and head.  She is unable to straighten her elbows which have been fused from her injuries without specialist vet care.  Please join our appeal on facebook, share her story and help us find someone who can build a pair of prosthetics to help her walk again. 

She is not a candidate for surgical intervention.

Sally's appeal on BBC Hereford & Worcester


See Tania's press interview regarding Spooky's rehab and how Spooky's progressed in the second video - she is walking and we are ecstatic!

Peg's story (as reported in the Worcester News) can be found here