Home Visit

Home visits are offered for any type of pet (not just dogs) and great if you would you prefer not to have your dog walked.  This is particularly useful for new puppies or dogs that are recovering from illness or are elderly or particularly fearful.

Home visits typically last 20 minutes, during which time I will:

  • Let your dog or pet into your garden for a supervised toilet break

  • Playtime and cuddles where appropriate

  • Administer medications

  • Give a lunchtime snack or meal (if required) and replenish water bowls

  • Clear away any accidents

  • Gently reinforce house-training

  • For puppies, introduce them to the feel of a lead and gently begin lead walk practice, having lots of fun on the way until they graduate to outside walking

  • A diary (will be provided to note any observations (particularly useful for growing puppies and animals recovering from illnesses)

  • Key holding service also available for no extra charge

If you need someone to pop in and check on your pets during the day, then please get in touch .   If you would like you dog to be walked, then head over to our Dog Walking page for further details.
Email us to make a booking