(Licence Number: 18/06160/ANIACT)

Professional dog walking, dog home boarding and pet photography services
in Worcester 

Home Boarding

(Boarding Licence Number: 18/06160/ANIACT)

Higher Standards - Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

Providing a home from home for your dog in a safe, secure and fun environment
If you would like to make an appointment to meet us, our resident dogs, view our facilities and discuss what we can offer, then please get in touch.  We would request that owner's dogs do not accompany them when viewing the facilities to enable us to give you our full attention.
  1. Playing ball
    Play time, fun and moderate stimulation provided
  2. Dog playing
    A home from home!
    Lots of fun during their stay
  3. Dogfather Lower Garden
    Garden lower tier
    Tunnels, astro turf, platforms to explore
  4. Dogfather garden spring
    Fully fenced and secure
    Dog friendly planting
  5. Dogs having a fuss
    And relax...
    Dogs stay as part of the family, which means lots of TLC
  6. Dogfather side garden
    Garden Area
    We have a large, dog friendly garden for play time
  7. Kennel in shade
    Time to get some shade?
    Shady areas for hot days, water always freely available
  8. Dogfather Upper Garden
    Lots to explore
    Pet safe, fully enclosed
  9. Looking towards house
    Top Tier
    Plenty of space to have some fun
  10. Upside down lurcher
    True lurcher style
    Spooky Boo taking the weight off
  11. White dog with ball
    Play time for Jade
  12. Jack Russell on sofa
    Best seat in the house
  13. Dogs in dog beds
    Snooze time
    Time for a snooze after play
  14. Dogs enjoying the shade
    In the shade
    Plenty of natural shade and beds
  15. Dog on sun lounger
    Spooky lounging
    Spooky having a chill out
  16. Dog Home Boarding Worcester
    Tripe time!
    Treat time with tripe sticks
  17. Spooky Boo DogFather Worcester
    Boo talking a stroll in the garden
  18. Dog bed
    Dog's life
    Taking it easy
  19. Dog in wheels
    Exercise time
    Wheels time for Boo
  20. Rescue dogs having TLC
    Time for cuddles
    Nothing like an ear scratch
  21. Podenco with toys
    Play time
    Time for a snooze after play time
  22. Dogs on lap
    Time for a lap dog or two
  23. Dog sleeping
    Dog tired
    Scrappy finds the laptop boring
  24. DogFather Worcester Peg
    Controlled walks
    Peg looking for her treat
  25. Dog having fun in home boarding
    Time for some destuffing
  26. Welsh Terrier
    Pretty Tilly
  27. Two dogs in front of kennel
    Ramsey & Sally
    Boarder Ramsey with resident girl Sally
  28. Lurcher running
    Zoomie time
  29. Dog with ball
    Play time
  30. Dog sniffing floor
    Lots of sniffs
    Lots of areas to explore!
  31. Secure garden with fencing
    Upper garden
    Totally secured and safe
  32. Dogs with cuddly toys
    Fun with toys
    Spot the third dog in the image
  33. Dog in paddling pool
    Time for a paddle
    Plenty of ways to cool down on a hot day
  34. Lurcher and Spaniel playing
    Fun time
    Loki and Boo having a great time
  35. Labrador and Minion play time
    Charlie and Minion
    Praying to the Minion God
  36. Labrador in pool
    Charlie cooling off
    Found Charlie in the pool
  37. Jack Russell
    Taking it easy
  38. Labrador playing
    Play time for Charlie
  39. Resident Boo welcoming little Duchamp
    Resident Boo welcoming little Duchamp
    Socialising under supervision
  40. Treat time
    Treat time
    Homemade dehydrated treats
  41. In the garden area
    In the garden area
    Time to relax
  42. Regular photo updates
    Regular photo updates
    Mrs Dogfather can't resist capturing the boarding dogs on camera
  43. The ultimate sofa loafer
    The ultimate sofa loafer
    Charlie taking the weight off...
  44. Puppy power
    Puppy power
    Playing in between naps
  45. Resting after play
    Resting after play
    Quiet areas to chill out
  46. Making friends
    Making friends
    Supervised garden time
  47. Sofa time
    Sofa time
    Time for some relaxation
  48. Gabby has a cuddle
    Gabby has a cuddle
    Cuddle time
  49. Small breeds welcome
    Small breeds welcome
    Beautiful Chinese Crested pair
  50. Dog chasing bubbles
    Playtime for Dexter
  51. Puppy running
    Zoomie garden time
  52. Rescue Dog
    Boarder Jerry
    Jerry the rescue
  53. Dog garden
    Front garden area
    Dog friendly garden
  54. Cockerpoo playing
    Indoor play time
    Indoor play time
  55. Cockerpoo play time
    Harry & Jasper
    Double trouble
  56. Dog playing
    One to one attention
    Play time
  57. Dog with bone
    Toy time for Loki
  58. Cockerpoo
    Happy boarders
    Harry and Jasper enjoying their stay
  59. Dog with ball
    Time for fun
  60. Dog on platform
    View from kitchen
  61. Sally and Peg
    Sally and Peg
    Enjoying some spring sunshine
  62. Boarder Rollo
    Boarder Rollo
    Rollo having an explore
  63. Boarder Otis
    Boarder Otis
    Getting comfy on the sofa
  64. The gang
    The gang
    Time for a doggy meeting
  65. dog on sofa
    Busy day...
    Multiple areas to relax
  66. Cockerpoo
    Happy holidays
    Putting your dog first
  67. dogs with carer
    Lots of company and personal interaction
  68. Dogs under tree
    Shady spot
    Natural and artificial shade available
  69. Dog lying
    Plenty of room to get away from others
  70. Group of dogs
    Making new friends
    Supervised sessions
  71. Dogs on sofa
    All the creature comforts
    Time to relax
  72. Dogs playing tug
    Lots of different toys to suit all dogs
  73. Dogs playing
    Active enrichment
    Supervised enrichment
  74. Dog running
    Play time

What do I get if I home board my dog with

  • Registered and licenced by Worcestershire Regulatory Services for dog activities, receiving the Higher Standards rating.

  • We are not a franchise.  Your dog is not placed with a different sitter, host or carer.

  • Your dog(s) will share our home as part of our family and with our four resident dogs.

  • Boarding dogs will also accompany me on my daily walks, having plenty of exercise, companionship and a snuggle after a busy day exploring.

  • Fully secured, large garden with added tunnels and raised areas to explore together with outside dog dens

  • Providing enrichment for your dog - soft toys, balls, snuffle mats, scatter feeding, puzzles and one to one stimulation.

  • Multiple options to seperate dogs for relaxation and a seperate dog room with dog beds and comfy chair if required.

  • Access to our entire home.

  • Open crates are available for dogs that are used to using them as a den.

  • Homemade dogs treats are used during their stay, which are mainly dehydrated fish and liver with no addiitives and great for those dogs with food allergies.

  • Constant supervision and care, ensuring your dog's welfare at all times including a daily exercise and enrichment plan.

  • Regular updates provided via our Facebook page, so owners can keep updated whilst they are away.  Text updates available on request.

  • We hold certificates in the following; Canine First Aid/CPR, Dog Training & Behaviour, Canine Nutrition and have undergone training in Dog Law.

  • Particularly experienced with dog disabilities, including deafness, partially sighted dogs, spinal injury and missing/fused limbs

  • Microchip scanner on site should you need to know your dog's ID Chip number.

  • We regularly use DAP diffusers/collars as standard to help settle in new boarders.

  • Your dog's welfare comes first at all times

Places are strictly limited and subject to conditions, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

For dogs which are unknown to us, a familiarisation session here at Dogfather Worcester is essential prior to boarding to ensure your dog will be happy and comfortable in our care and with our resident dogs.  This is at no additional cost and forms part of our licence conditions.  We are unable to accept last minute bookings for dogs which are unknown to us.

Is my dog suitable for home boarding?

We accept dogs who are not aggressive, well socialised and are used to living as part of a family.  We require boarding dogs to be:

  • Fully vaccinated (including kennel cough) - a copy of the vaccination card will be required prior to boarding
  • Up to date with flea and worm treatment (vet recommended)
  • FULLY House trained
  • Fit to undertake daily walking on our walking route
  • To be spayed or neutered
  • Not under 12 months old
  • Looking to enjoy lots of fuss, fun and company whilst you are away
  • We also require their ID Chip no.  If this is not known, don't worry, we have a microchip scanner here and we can give you the number.

Licenced with Local Authority

DBS/CRB Checked

Canine First Aid Trained

What do I provide?

Insured with PetPlan Sanctuary

We ask owners to provide the following for boarding:

  • Their dog bowl and food to cover the duration.  Food can be provided at additional cost
  • Bedding, although beds are available here if required
  • Toys - again we have lots of toys, but something with a familiar smell can help to settle new dogs
  • Any medications, together with full instructions
  • Grooming brush for longer haired breeds

How to book

Contact us to check dates are potentially available.

Please either complete the
on-line booking form or download, complete and return the booking form and term & conditions. See our contact page for our postal address.

A copy of your vaccination card which is clearly legible will be required.  This may be accepted any time up to the boarding date, but we CANNOT accept dogs without seeing a copy of their vaccination card or record.  This can be emailed, posted or provided at your meet and greet session.

Once your booking form/terms and conditions are received, we will confirm your booking.  Bookings are not confirmed until you have received notification from us.  At this time, we will also request a 50% booking deposit.

For all new doggy clients, a familiarisaton session (meet and greet) is required prior to boarding and this will take place at our home.   We assess how your dog will cope with our resident dogs in a controlled environment to ensure their stay is a happy one.  We will provide further details of the session when confirming your booking. 
Booking Form
Booking Form
Terms & Conditions
Terms &
If you would like to make an appointment to meet us, our resident dogs, view our facilities and discuss what we can offer, then please get in touch.  We would request that owner's dogs do not accompany them when viewing the facilities to enable us to give you our full attention.