(Licence Number: 18/02884/ANIBOA)

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         0784 964 8060 / 01905 355183

Professional dog walking, home boarding
and pet home vists in Worcester
Letting your dog play whilst you're away

Home Visits - 20 mins

  1. Toileting
    Letting your dog out for supervised toileting (especially handy if ill or elderly), cleaning litter trays, etc
  2. Playtime
    Giving cuddles or playtime as needed and some companionship and reassurance
  3. Medications
    Able to adminster medication provided a vet release form/agreement has been signed in advance
  4. Feed me
    Feeding whilst you are away and refreshing water
  5. Oopsie
    Attending to any little accidents on arrival
  6. House
    Opening/closing curtains, turning lights on or off